SIP Trunking – How it Works

The core principle of the Coms cloud VoIP telephone service is that we provide a hub – which we call the Coms platform – through which you can make and receive telephone calls. By plugging a VoIP enabled device into your network it can access our platform over the internet and will behave just like a normal telephone line.

A VoIP-enabled device can be an IP desk phone, an analogue telephone adapter (ATA), a software application for your computer, or an app for your favourite smart phone or tablet device. To use your device, enter the provided Coms username and password which will authenticate you on the platform. Then you simply dial your colleagues, family and friends just as you would from a normal telephone. If you dial another Coms user over the internet- the call is completely free.

One of the many benefits of using VoIP is that because your Coms telephone number is not tied to a physical telephone line or a geographic location your calls can follow you wherever you go. If you are not able to take your calls because you are busy or away from the internet, Coms provides a variety of tools to forward the caller or to take voice messages on your behalf. See the diagrams below for some illustrations of the possibilities.


How it works